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Thread: Started back on WasGonnaB

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    Started back on WasGonnaB

    Not finished Loon, the skin on frame Kayak but I have run out of things to do in the shop. Waiting on supplies to come in and with Christmas I know shipping is going to be a bit slow.

    So I pulled what 'Was going to be' my nieces boat, hence the new name 'WasGonnaB', off the shelf, literally!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    My niece walked on me and hasn't been back to work on it. I gave up on her and just put it up out of way to see what would happen. Since I am bored and don't have the cash to buy any lumber I thought I should just finish this up rather than let it just sit around covered in dust.

    So boat #4 is underway. Will post photos latter on.
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