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    stained wood

    The other night we were sitting watching the news and SWMBO asked if I had arranged for some firewood, yet? I hemed and hawed and then the doorbell rang out. What did I find but a fellow who was peddling firewood. It was raining so close examination was limited but his price was $20 less than others in the area, so I said will you stack it for me? Not too many minutes later in the rain , Mama was not growling at me anymore...

    As she left today to volunteer in my Grandson's school, she says fill the wood stack by the door, (from the wood pile) Obey, I do.... And what should my wondering eyes appear but this severely stained wood, too bad to even put in the fireplace,
    now, what am I to do with it? Trimmed down to 2" square and 16" long. And yet another similar piece....

    What shall I do with this stained and ruined wood? All ideas will be closely reviewed... Not even good enough to burn Who wants to burn red wood? Of course it is decorative for the Christmas season...

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    Yeah, that's a real shame, Bill. You wouldn't want to mess up your fireplace with that ugly old stuff.
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    That is terrible Bill. I wouldn't even think of putting that wood in the fireplace. We have a hazardous dump here in town so just send it to me. I will dispose of it properly. Turn that stuff.
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    The unfolding of another turning tragedy. Such a shame when even firewood has to be disposed of in a "curly" manner.

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    I'm only guessing, but that looks a lot like a flame box elder, beautiful stuff you got there.
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    How do you go about explaining it to the wife when she gets home and all the firewood is gone and the house cold?? Or is she used to this kind of behavior Very good looking wood though

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    Define obsessive - when a man will jump into a burning fireplace to retreive a good piece of wood that his wife has just thrown on the fire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Satko View Post
    Define obsessive - when a man will jump into a burning fireplace to retreive a good piece of wood that his wife has just thrown on the fire.
    BTDT .... standing rule, I personally inspect each piece.... that is her way of getting me to tote it from the cord stack out back to the wood rack next to the Patio door (I told her that she could tote it and I would give it a quick scan but she insists that I give it a more through examination, to be sure...

    Bone chilling cold here with a wind to blow up your skirt.... Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas

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