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Thread: Tastless bowls

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    Tastless bowls

    I used Bush Oil to coat one of my candy dishes and found that there was a tast left in the candy with a wrapper on it even after a time for the cure of the oil.

    Is there a set time that has to be followed before using the bowl?


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    tastless bowls

    Never heard of bush oil.I use basicly a danish oil and mine are normally cured in 3 to 4 weeks.Some oils may cure a little quicker than others,then it depends on how many coats you apply,as the more you apply the longer it takes to cure.Some will say that when the smell goes,it's cured.Also are you putting a lid on the bowl? If you are then that is going to keep the odor inside and therefor giving food a bad taste if the oil didn't completly cure before you used it.Hope this helped you out.


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