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Thread: Finally got to use the new DVR XP

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    Finally got to use the new DVR XP

    Well I have had a chance to use the new DVR XP with my heavy duty stand. First impressions is that it is very stable, no vibration at all, and very smooth. It has great power wired on the 220V, however I never used it on standard 110V so I have no comparison. I am tickled pink with its performance. I really think the effort that I put into the stand was worthwhile. I believe it made a good lathe better.

    Sorry for the poor photos. These were last chance photos that I took at my mothers. I made the squased pot for a gift to give her terminally ill neighbor. I had done a bowl for my mother and the neighbor loved it so my mother ask If I would make something for her to give as a Christmas present. This is a piece of Mora. It is little less than 8 inches in diameter and is about 2 3/4" high. The finish is about 4 coats of danish oil.


    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Hollow Form 1.jpg   Hollowform Pic 2.jpg   Hollowform Pic 3.jpg  

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    Very nice piece Alan, and I too think your hard, thoughtful work on your lathe stand was well worth the effort, and I'm sure you will benefit from it for a long time to come!
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    Oh yeah! I'd say it works just fine. Great job, Alan.
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    That is so cool Alan, I can't wait to get this kitchen project done so I can con my neighbor into coming over to teach me how to use my lathe

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    Beautiful Alan. Your lathe stand sounds like it will do the job for you. Well done.
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    Don't give the lathe and stand ALL the credit.
    That is fine work.

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    Yes that is a beautiful gift....

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    Photos came though just fine !!!!!!!!!!!

    Fine work Alan , there is some skill that go's along with that . So down sell yourself short now ......... Good job ........... Marshall

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    Very Well Done.
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    I can only saw "WOW, WOW, WOW".... I like the shape and the wood.

    I haven't tried a hollow form like yours yet, but now that I'm done with shows for the year, I want to get into them... Personally, I think a good hollow form is the ultimate in wood turning. VERY nice job and I'm sure your mother's friend will treasure the piece.
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