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Thread: The Mark Rios Box

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    The Mark Rios Box

    About a month ago I got a message from Mark Rios.."Sometime around Tuesday set your table saw fence at 9 1/8" and the blade height to 5/16". In the off chance that 5/16" doesn't do it, reset the blade to about 15/16" and recut. That should do it."
    Then on tuesday, just like he said, the Fedex guy brings me this box....Not your normal cardboard box but I mean a box.....

    My wife, daughter, son-in-law, and 3 grandkids were all there when I got home from work and wanted to know what it was. So I was going to pry it open but it was built so danged good that I couldn't begin to get it apart. Then I realized that's what the message he sent was, the way to get it open. But I still had no idea what was in the box. It was pretty heavy, didn't rattle or anything, no ticking. So me, my daughter, and SIL headed into the garage to get out the saw but my wife told my daughter she couldn't go out there with us. She said if it was a bomb she wasn't gonna raise those grandkids by herself. I told her it was from a guy I know and he wouldn't send a bomb but then I got thinking, I don't know, Rios is pretty goofy, maybe he would. Not really. Anyway we cut the box open and it was a shame to have to cut into it because it was a heck of a box. When Rios makes a box, he don't mess around. Inside was a bunch of newspaper and this piece of wood....

    So I roughed it down some and hollowed it out and saved a piece for the lid. I soaked it in the DNA bucket for a couple days and them bagged it for a couple weeks. I hope it had time to dry because it's been pretty cold since it was in the bag. Anyway, this is how it turned out. It's fruit cherry with some incredible color, maybe a little spalting. It had some nice knots that were cracked kind of like stars that I filled with coffee. I've turned 2 finials but neither one is going to be the one I use, they're both too big. This first pic is with an eccentric finial......

    And this second is with a Jetson looking finial...

    Thanks Mark!

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    Amazing and beautiful

    What goes around, comes around.

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    Curt Beautiful Turning, I like the crooked finial the best.

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    ShamWow Curt!

    I don't know if it needs a finial.
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    Curt, you have turned that very nicely. I like the Jetson finial more than the eccentric one.

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    #1) Great box.
    #2) Crooked finial is nicest crooked finial I have ever seen. I think that's a compliment.
    #3) Really fine surprise gift.
    #4) Glad the kids didn't get blowed up.
    #5) Really like the vase. Mighty fine turning.
    #6) Pro'bly more better sans any finial.

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    It still amazes me on what can come out of a chunk of wood. That is incredible. You certainly captured the beauty in that one. Great job Curt Finial or no finial, I think it would look great either way.


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    well curt that is definatly a well done box and we also need to acknowlegde the giver as well.. this wouldnt have been here for us to see if mark hadnt gave it to curt to do his own magic to.. so i give a atta boy to both of the partisipants mark rios and curt fuller
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    I think a big "attaboy" is in order for both Curt an Mark on this one.

    Great work, Curt.
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    Beautiful box, anybody can turn one.. But turnnig one with knots is art..And you did it just perfect.
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