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Thread: Am Back

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    Am Back

    Been gone long time............been busy,

    Here is update I think of wood projects made from
    150 old barn wood.

    Then along with that got involved in fishing forums
    one thing led to another.

    Have my own website
    (being update 1st of the year)

    Then that led to fishing CD which have been selling.

    Then that led to EBook, titled
    "Fishin4Crappie Beyond Basics"
    which will be out by March

    We had ice storm here in Indiana last Friday
    going on 5 days without electric.

    So how am I on the computer
    It got so blame dog gone cold that with a heavy
    heart..........bought 5,500 Watt generator $800.
    Didnt want to spend the money, but got to survive.

    We been sitting here with two heaters an kersone stove
    and blankets. We are the only ones in the neighborhood.

    could make my rounds into each house and here and
    make a killing. (naugh)

    They have 10 crews from Kentucky here to get power back
    as there is over 100,000 thousands homes with no electric.

    Then today they brought 10 crews from N. Carolina

    Hospitals were down you name it.

    They opened up churches, schools, etc for people stay.

    Then today driving one of my cars, the power steering
    and power brakes went out, had to nurse it home
    they wont fix it until next Wed, as they are going on vaction.

    So I got the ice off the other car, got it running let
    it run 1/2 hr. was going to use that car, and the gas pump
    went out, sitting in the driveway.

    Now we got a borrowed car......................

    The moderator asked where have I been, now you all know.

    By the way before something else happens


    WoodWorking, Crappie Fishing, Colts, Life is good!

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    Good to see you drop in, Bob. Looks like you've been using your spare time to the fullest. Congrats on all the new fishing ventures, and here's wishing you lots of success with it.
    When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. - Hunter S. Thompson
    When the weird get going, they start their own forum. - Vaughn McMillan

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    Good to see you back. You really need to check this thread:

    I think your story can top most of 'em...



    (BTW, I hate to mention this, but I'm one of those awful Chargers' fans. Looks like we're on a collision course...

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    Welcome back, you've been missed and by the looks of things, busy too!
    A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone. -Henry David Thoreau
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    Merry Christmas to you & yours to Bob. Nice to have you back we can't Spare any of our Bob's...
    "Forget the flat stuff slap something on the spinny thing and lets go, we're burning daylight" Bart Leetch
    "If it ain't round you may be a knuckle dragger""Turners drag their nuckles too, they just do it at a higher RPM"Bart

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