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Thread: Dressing the bathroom

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    Dressing the bathroom

    Here's the new vanity for the bathroom I just finished.

    It's Ash and white oak stained lite oak. I will add the framed mirror soon

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    Sweet.... Did you get a "oh honey" out of it?

    What goes around, comes around.

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    very beautiful piece of work.

    Hope my work gets close to that one day.

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    Spiffy!!!! Bravo!!!

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    That is really nice Reg, just in time for Christmas too
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    That's a very handsome piece. Well done!
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    Thanks guys. It is a fun project and has a lot of weight. The mirror will be installed tomorrow

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    nice reg,, bet your aching to get back to the new toys though.. the ash looks good on that vanity.
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    The edge work around the sink is a really nice touch. Good job!

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    thanks Mark......that was suppose to be a pedistal sink but I liked because it was big and wasn't to juiced about the pedistal. I personally don't like them can't get enough junk laying around on them.
    So now it's finished with the mirror and lights....

    Hope everyone enjoys it and Merry Christmas

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