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Thread: Steel City Drill Press Mobility

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    Steel City Drill Press Mobility

    Hi everyone

    I need to be able to move my new drill press around the crowded shop, err garage.

    Thanks for all the suggestions on rolling stands. Here's what I ended up with.

    I had a rolling base for a DJ20 that I was going to buy last year from Amazon. They shipped the base and then delayed forever on sending the jointer. When I cancelled the jointer they wouldn't let me return the base.

    So, I was going to give it away here but then thought that will a bit of cutting I could have a good mobile base.

    I went to a machine shop and had them cut a section out of the two sides.

    Then I milled out some maple so that it fit TIGHTLY into the hollow tube sides.

    I reassembled the frame, forcing the two sides over the wood using big parallel clamps.

    Then I bolted on a base laminated from two 3/4 inch pieces of ply and bolted the unit on top.

    So far, so good, it rolls easily and isn't tippy when I'm moving it and when I drop the wheel down it is rock solid.

    Probably isn't a cost effective way to go, but since I had the base and was going to give it away anyway this approach seemed to work

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    Looks like a great solution. Glad it worked out
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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Excellent solution Jay

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    Good job Jay! Nothing better than to be able to use something that you already have. Sounds like good economics to me.

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    Jay... isn't it a bit awkward to reach around to the back to push down on the lift/wheel ?? It would be in my shop, since my DP is pushed into a corner or against the wall.

    Looks good though, can't hardly see the seam.

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    Yeah I thought about aligning the DP so the wheel was in the front, but decided that I was going to be hitting it all the time with my feet when I was using the DP so I decided to put it on the back. So far I haven't had any trouble, it is jammed up against a wall, I just push down with my foot and then pull the bad boy out.


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