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Thread: Bottom of plate

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    Bottom of plate

    Sorry it's taken so long but here is the bottom of the plate I posted in November.... lightly spalted birch
    Attachment 27038 Attachment 27039

    here are two bowls from the same tree as the plate they are both 9ins x3ins

    Attachment 27035 Attachment 27036

    Attachment 27037 Attachment 27034

    All comments welcome

    Have a HAPPY CHRISTMAS from all my family
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    very nice what kind of finish are you putting on them......

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    Wow, those look really nice, I just love the wood in that plate!
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    Dan the plate is finished with carnuba wax and the two bowls have four coats of teak oil.
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    Great looking pieces John. Really like the wood.
    Bernie W.

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