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Thread: Living Like The Amish

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    Living Like The Amish

    The ice storm has done a number on Indiana
    They have crews and heard they are added more

    • Kentucky
    • Indiana
    • North Carolina
    • More coming

    Been 5 days with out heat or lights

    We have taken lessons from the Amish

    Wear 4 layers of clothing

    Got a power generator
    runs 2 small space heaters
    electric blanket
    Ice box
    Internet (got to have that)

    We cook on kersone stove


    Plus it gives out heat. At night we shut it off, concered
    about safety

    Here is proof , if you look close enough you can see who
    is doing the cooking (eggs) and who is laid back, shoes in the foreground

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    I can feel your pain! We "camped" for 6.5 days last year after an ice storm hit us on Dec 10. I got pretty good at cooking on the grill in what must be similar to cooking on a coal stove. We have three kerosene heaters we used for heat. Thankfully, it was cold enough to put food outside and stayed frozen or at least very cold. We were very happy to see utility crews from Ohio and Indiana in our neighborhood repairing lines for two days before our lights came back on. It certainly makes us appreciate the modern comforts and the folks who work so hard to keep the lines in place to provide the electricity. Hope you are back on soon to enjoy the holiday.
    Roger from Missouri

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    Bob, this has to be a very trying time, but you and your "cook" are making the most of it.

    My parents went through it last winter, but they had an RV to cook and stay warm in with the genorater and propane....your really "rough'in it"
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    We don't have that bad. I have never seen this much snow in December. There is a 5' snow drift that starts in the front yard and goes onto the front porch. I had to turn on the natural gas furnace to supplement the outdoor wood stove because of the cold temps the high winds and the fact that the wood pile is somewhat buried. The wife didn't like the 50 degree house. Hope your situation changes soon. Be careful about the CO2 buildup danger. I did get out my generator this last fall and fired it up for lighting while I upgraded the electrical service to the house from 100 amp to 200 amp . I was quite pleased with the machine as it fired on the second pull and ran like a top for 8 hours. I hadn't used it for 3 years.

    I'm wondering how I'm going to get firewood out of the woods with all the snow we have. I guess it's time to pray for a thaw.

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    We got power 5 days, 4 hours

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    Glad to hear you got power back. I got my folks one of those heaters while they were still on the farm. They were on a low priority road, no schoolkids, no dairy. First time the power went out I called to check on them. Heater was in the house ok. When I asked how it was working my mom got real quiet. Then she told me the kerosene was in the barn and they couldn't see it. After that I made sure it was ready to go at Thanksgiving. I live 4 hours away. They used it several times until my dad passed away and I had to move Mom to town.

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    I hope your power stays on.

    It will be a blast to watch Peytons little brother beat him up in the Superbowl.

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    When you look back it will probably be one of the most memorable 5 days of your life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by allen levine View Post

    It will be a blast to watch Peytons little brother beat him up in the Superbowl.
    And Merry Christmas to you too

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    Quote Originally Posted by allen levine View Post
    I hope your power stays on.

    It will be a blast to watch Peytons little brother beat him up in the Superbowl.
    I can see the Big Men in the game, but how Are the Colts doing this year ennywho?

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