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Thread: mounting router table top

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    mounting router table top

    I bought a router table made from mdf. It seems that the top has about 1/16-1/8" dip in the top. I am now building a cabinet to put it on. I am putting in a couple of stringers under the top that will run just to the outside of the router mounting plate. What would be the best way to mount the top to the cabinet? Should I counter bore the top and screw it to the cabinet? Glue it and screw it down? I am open for ideas.

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    I would avoid any method that interrupts the surface of your top. I attached from underneath. Search here on router table sag. There is a lot of info on proper support for tops that will help. After experiencing sag despite support in addition to the manufacturer's original design for my top I did something like this to correct it (sorry for the crude diagram):

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    The support ribs are doubled 3/4" BB ply on end forming 2-1/2" tall support rails. These have through holes and I simply used coarse thread washer head screws and screwed directly into the router table top from underneath every 8" or so. All the usual rules for drilling and screwing MDF apply. I had to mount and dismount the table several times to shim despite using a straight edge to adjust the ribs before mounting.

    P.s. I wouldn't be concerned about the flatness of your top until you get it mounted. I like MDF for tops as it is very stable but it flexes a lot if poorly supported ;-)
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    Thanks Glenn I will check it out. I think that I can get this to work out.

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    router table and top

    Just thought I'd throw my 2 cents in here.
    I have a 36" bath vanity I bought(50 bucks) damaged at Lowes. Couple of screws fixed it right up. Mounted it on casters to move around(everything in my shop is mobile,small (12x16 )shop.)
    Made my top from 3/4 melamine and used a piano hinge on the back. This lets me raise up the top to access my router when need be.Then banded the edges with 3/8 oak.
    Routed two tracks in the rear for t-track to guide my fence(also homemade from mdf) and a rip fence track in the front.
    I set my router lift slightly toward the rear and straight edged everything to make sure it was level.If it does move slightly due to the weather it's easy to access to level it up.
    The drawers in the cabinet are handy for bits etc. I layed out parallell and center lines on the melamine top with a "sharpie" for reference and I find I can write on the top with a pencil when necessary, then wipe it off. I closed the back of the cabinet up and just sweep it out once in a while(most goes to the dust collector fitting on the fence) I'm happy with the set up and I don't have $$$ in it.

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