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Thread: Woodworkers Night Before Christmas

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    Woodworkers Night Before Christmas

    Okay, I unabashedly stole this off of WoodCentral, and it's a day early, but here goes:

    A day early and in homage to my hero in woodworking, Frank Klausz.

    Woodworker’s Night Before Christmas

    ‘Twas the night before Christmas
    And all through the shop
    Nary a machine was whirring
    They were all set on stop

    While mamma was blanketed
    I sat there and stared
    Hoping the Lie-Nielsen I wanted
    Soon would be there

    The kiddos were sleeping
    They were deep in slumber
    On quilted maple they lay
    For them, only the best of lumber

    When out on the lawn
    There arose bangs and bongs
    I flew to the window
    To see what was wrong

    There standing in the snow
    With the glint of a wrench
    Eight men and a another
    Were working at a bench

    So feverishly they worked
    Hammers, chisels and planes
    The man in the red suit
    Then called them by name

    On Spagnolo, on Schwarz
    On Bird and Gochnur
    On Rae, on Rogowski
    On Cosman and Moser

    Keep working, keep working
    There’s no time for play
    The master that led them
    Left no time for delay

    He was a jolly little man
    With a sharp-tongued wit
    Pins first! He shouted
    As he pounded his mitt

    “You can do dis,” he said
    And in no time at all
    They had fashioned a piece
    That was wondrous to all

    Having finished, they turned
    And to the next house they flew
    More dovetails to make
    And mortises too

    Santa Klausz smiled and winked
    As they flew out of sight
    Merry Christmas to all
    And to all a good night!

    Thanks to Larry Wyatt for posting it on WC.
    Jim D.
    Adapt, Improvise, Overcome!

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    Now that's clever! I like that a lot!

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    Well done

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    I like it as well, but I miss Jim Krenov name on it though...
    Best regards,

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