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Thread: Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!

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    Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!

    You know how you always read warnings about wearing gloves around machinery? Apparently, I didn't think the warnings applied to me. Tonight I was enlarging a hole on a last-minute gift, and wearing a glove to help hold the piece. I was pretty much done, and as I withdrew the bit from the hole, the piece of wood moved slightly and in a split second the glove, my hand, and my sleeve were caught up in the Forstner bit. The belts on the drill press started slipping, and the bit stopped turning before I could hit the off switch, which was right in front of my face.

    My left hand got pretty chewed up. (I'll spare you the pics of the actual wounds, but suffice to say it wasn't a clean cut...just deep.) LOML wanted me to go to the ER, but there really isn't anything left to stitch up. I cleaned and bandaged the hand, and I'll keep a close eye on it. If it starts getting infected, I won't hesitate to go see a doctor.

    Here's the glove:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Drill Press Glove 1 800.jpg 
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    The sleeve:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Drill Press Glove 3 800.jpg 
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    The bandage for now:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Drill Press Glove 2 800.jpg 
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    I'm feeling pretty stupid right about now. We're getting ready for a 2-day drive starting tomorrow morning. This was not how I'd planned to start my vacation.
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    Aw, man, that's the pits, Vaughn. Sure sorry you had a "lapse moment in Judgement" and got "Bit", (Looks like a pretty good Bite Too). I know we've all had those lapses, (and sometimes were lucky, and sometimes not), but show me a person that hasn't EVER done something Stupid, and I'll show you a person that hasn't ever done anything.

    I'm sure you won't EVER make THAT mistake again though, 'cause I NEVER forgot to remove ALL rings, watches, etc. after I forgot once while troubleshooting some Air Force equipment, and reached into a rack of electronics and watched my arm and hand oscillate up and down like a tuning fork, between two pieces of equipment that had 6,000 volts on them and managed to make several nice slices on the top & bottom of my hand & arm as I finally jerked it out of the rack.

    Take good care of that wound, and I hope it heals quickly, and remember the saying an old Buddy of mine used to say; "Them Lessons we Larn ain't worth a Dern, Iff'n we ferget 'em".

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    OUCH!!! It only takes a split second for these things to happen. It could have been so much worse.

    My pinky was similar when I tried to plane the tip of it two years ago. There was nothing to sew up. It had to heal on it's own. Two years later it's still tingly. Don't know if that will ever go away. It is a constant reminder to use all safety items at my disposal and keep my mind on what I'm doing.

    Have a Merry Christmas Vaughn.


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    Vaughn hope your doing better , I've always worked without the gloves unless loading or unloading stock from the wood pile . I've always been afraid too use them around the machines , and this has opened others eyes as well as mine, hope you heal fast ........ Marshall

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    Ouch for sure

    I saw a guy do a similar thing when I was doing my automotive apprenticeship at a vocational school, but he did require a trip to the ER.

    I very seldom use gloves for anything but loading and unloading, welding and such.

    Heal fast, and thanks for sharing, as we all need a reminder now and then.

    PS, did the last minute gift survive
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    Ouch for sure Vaughn. Sorry to hear of your injury. Gloves definitely make the hands clumsy but another thing of note is how dangerous the seemingly friendly drill press can be. Long haired people also be reminded to keep hair tied up around spinning machines. I still clearly remember pictures my shop teacher showed us back in junior high of drill press injuries with rings and long hair.

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    Wow Vaughn. Best laid plans...

    Hope your hand heals quickly.

    (...wondering to myself if this may affect his ability to make a snowman, and if so shall I enter... )

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    Heal Quick

    Sad to hear about the unfortunate incident.

    Heal quick!

    Lets look forward to a Safe and Happy New Year for all of us.

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    Yikes, Vaughn! That must hurt!

    Make sure you put antibiotic creme on it. I'd hate to have it get infected while driving...




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    Well Vaughn, like others have said, get well. Stupid, who knows. Lesson learned, I bet yes! Glad the belts slipped! Reminds me of an American Choppers episode when Rick got his glove snagged by the drill press. Boom, trip to the ER. I used to work for an old farmer that said men that worked without gloves were worth .20 more an hour. (does that show my age?)

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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