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Thread: What did santa bring you?

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    What did santa bring you?

    I made out pretty good this year. Pics to follow later. Wife bought me a Freud 2.5 hp combo kit, another saw kit for my planer and a book on cabinet makeing from Udo Schmidt. Now time to go play.

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    I'm essentially laid off for the two holiday weeks, so we decided to postpone our gift giving to each other this year until Valentine's Day. I've started to once again work on a jewelry box project that has been sitting around for some time now.

    Be good to see what the rest of you all haul in though.

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    Chuck - i have a Super Nova and i really like it alot - 4 jaw came with smooth expansion jaws, worm screw and adapter in a kit. 2 places to tighten with a hand allen wrench, the handle broke on mine after a few uses and the company i got it from promptly replaced it (good support). I then bought a set of spigot jaws for it a month after having it because i dont like to use the expansion set (just a preference thing they work fine). The Spigot jaws grip very good and i can turn much longer pc's safely.
    I have a few friends that turn and have other types of chucks - I still prefer mine its just better built.

    You will really like the Super Nova. Personally i give it a thumbs up as a great pc of equipment to own..........

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    I got 52 extra days of vacation for 2009. The company is going to a 32 hour work week. Unemployment for Friday. The youngest son and grandson are coming home in the middle of January so that is my present. I tell the kids to get me sandpaper if they feel they need to get something. Can never have enough of that. They all laughed when I suggested a One Way lathe.

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    I picked up a new Ryobi Jig Saw and have a new Oshlun Dado Blade coming which should be here Monday!
    My plan is to learn to build furniture and I am going to be self taught.

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    I got a book on Stickly furniture, a book on drafting and furniture design, the Lee Valley tool calendar, and a $25 gift card from Lee Valley. Also, the inlaws gave me $50 that will probably get spend on woodworking stuff

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    It was kinda surreal; I should have taken a picture. No tree (no kids, 2 dogs, and not much room) so there were two stacks of small-ish cardboard boxes by the coffee table with Amazon printed on the side. The boxes with my wife's name were for me, the ones with my name were for her.

    It occurred to us last week that it would be a pretty bleak Christmas if we didn't do something fast, so we each created an Amazon Wish List and made sure the other person could get to it.

    I couldn't think of much that I wanted, so my list was fairly short and ... what do you know ... I got everything I "asked for". My wife's list was longer, so she had the "luxury" of being "surprised" with what actually showed up.

    I got a couple of Incra accessories (protractor, hold-downs), some hooks for my pegboard, a small workbench vise, and some books. Probably my favorite gift was a late entry; a book called [Electrical Things Boys Like To Make] ... a reprint of a 1954 book written by a high school shop teacher. It has 144 pages of projects (buzzers, motors, etc) followed by 60 pages of "how to" which is referenced throughout. Just what I would have loved to have as a kid, when I was trying to learn about electricity from our family encyclopedia.

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    I mostly got fly fishing gear this year (e.g. FatCat float tube and flippers and a new stripping basket). The lone woodworking exception was an instructional DVD and salt and pepper mill kit from Lee Valley.

    The funny this is that the kids got a Wii and various associated games and based on how much fun I've heard these things are, I'm kinda excited to give it a try.

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    They're "made in Germany"

    When anyone asked me what I wanted I would say ShamWow

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