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Thread: Day off and question about fresh pine turning?

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    Day off and question about fresh pine turning?

    Brother in law brought me down some wood all different (pine-hemlock-douglas fur, burl's). I had a chance to chuck some up today and play around. The pictures below are of the burls that he brought me. Large burl cut very nicely and has interesting grain patterns to it. Small burl was meant to be a much larger platter or bowl but due to a rotten spot in the wood it flew apart on the lathe while i was turning so i just kept taking it down to a small burl plate.
    Then i cut a pc of the one of the larger limbs he brought me (pine) and mounted it up. Face plate on one end and Slide the tailstock up for additional support. Then i thought this will be fun to turn.......Wrong........the wood is so freshly cut (wet) that it doesnt cut very well, it shreads or tears in strips. I know its not the tool because i started by using my Ci1 with a new carbide tip. Hummm well what the heck ...So then i switched to a freshly sharpened gouge and same problem. So i gave up and put some anchor seal on it and set it to the side...........I have even larger tree trunks of this .......any ideas on speeding up the drying on fresh wood like this ?
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    Good looking pieces Dan. That is some good looking burl. What a great way to spend a day off. Huh.
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    Even dry pine has a tendency to shred and tear out... or at least that's my experience with it. I turned down a piece of 2x4 to use in a stopper stand and most of what I got were shreds.
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