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Thread: Powermatic 1200 ( Compleated)

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    Powermatic 1200 ( Compleated)

    Well I got the 1200 down today. Sorry I don't have any pics this time but it was so nasty I wasn't allowed in the house to get the cam . I'll soak tonight and grab a few quick one tomorrow and let you see that mess. It's a good thing I powerwashed it before I took it into the shop or I might be spending a few night there getting the mess off
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    I Googled it to find out what a PM 1200 is. Drill press.
    FWIW, there is an owners manual for sale right now on eBay, $17.50.

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    Thanks Frank. A friend on OWWM had the info I needed and what he didn't have I just had to wing it. I'll post a few pics later of progress today

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    Well heres a few pic of the 1200 down.

    Tomorrow I'll take it to the carwash and try getting the grease and gunk off. Somebody reminded me I can spray ovencleaner on it to break down the grease and it will take part of the paint too. I found a few bearing bad so Mon. I will head out to get them. They are small ones so it won't be a big deal but they need replaceing just the same Some of the smaller parts I primered after I ran them on the wire wheel so they don't start rusting.

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    Looks somewhat solid

    It also looks like the speed is controled via a gearbox, instead of belts and pulleys, VERY nice
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    Hi Stu. sorry I didn't get a better pic of that. It's a power feed. ONly one I've seen on a powermatic

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    Well heres a little progress on the Powermatic.Lots of time cleaning the gunk off. I used easy off oven cleaner. Works real well, even took some paint too

    I like that rustolem hammered look. It great to do cast. Even if you get a run you can always blame it on the casting......naaaaa it the casting that makes it look that way

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    A little more progress today.Looks like I'm gonna need to make a piece for the powerfeed too. Cheeper and a lot faster to make than getting another one cast and then machined

    And heres the little jewel I have to make

    I love haveing the stuff to make things I need rather than haveing to try find them for older machines, and keeps the mind occupied

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    excellent post reg on the rework of your drill press,, and i like your sig aswell hey how did you happen across this critter?
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    Hi Larry. I was doing a little research on old WW tools and saw about a tenoner. I wanted one for doing cabinets later and couldn't really afford a large dbl ended one. I ask around about the Millbury and found a man that was willing to sell me one at a real good price. I had it brought up by another friend that was comming this way. It's great for doing a lot of same size tendons

    Heres a bigger pic for you


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