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Thread: New SCTW Mortiser - and question

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    New SCTW Mortiser - and question

    Hello Everyone
    Having added a nice Steel City benchtop mortiser to the shop over Christmas, I can now move more quickly ahead on all those projects requiring rectangular holes

    I do, however, have a dumb question for your collective consideration:
    How much noise should it make when running? (I'm thinking "no more than a drill press" is the right answer) Is a little bit of metal-on-metal clatter to be expected?
    One bit is clearly making slight contact with the hollow chisel. It's not regular, as if it was bent, more like a rattle. Quiets down when cutting. Gap is good, according to everything I've read. No visible burrs anywhere.
    Another chisel/bit is very quiet. The other two are wrong shank size and need to be exchanged. Maybe the noisy one should be returned too.

    Thanks and best regards
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