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Thread: FWW on IE7

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    FWW on IE7

    I've never particularly cared for the way pics are displayed in a new window on this site but prefer the way SMC's vBulletin implementation does it in the same window. Now I've got a new laptop which has IE7 on it and I'm finding this even more annoying. When a new tab gets created it goes on the far end of open tabs (at least Google Chrome makes the new tab get inserted right after the FWW tab). When you close that tab, the one that comes to the front isn't the FWW one you were viewing when the picture tab got created but the last tab in the list of open tabs. So dismissing the pic takes 2 clicks - one to kill the tab, and one to return to the FWW tab. Is there a way to configure IE7 differently to avoid this? Or can FWW's vBulletin software be tweaked?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doug Shepard View Post
    Or can FWW's vBulletin software be tweaked?

    I've noticed similar issues in this area. I tend to view the site on one of four or five different machines, and it feels like it behaves differently on each one, so I've always assumed it was the individual settings one each machine or browser. I'd been meaning to check the v-bulletin settings for a while, and your post prompted me to do just that. Sadly, I came up empty, but just because I can't find it right away doesn't mean it isn't there...

    I'll keep looking as time permits...




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