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Thread: Gifts...Gifts.... and more gifts

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    Gifts...Gifts.... and more gifts

    Hi everyone.
    I haven't been able to keep up with all the new postings lately but now that xmas present making is over for this year I can sit back and enjoy what everyone else has been up to.

    Some pics to let you know how I've been spending my time. Last xmas was my first year ever using any kind of tool and my first time making anything on the lathe. I stuck to making pens and basically only 7mm streamlines, trying different woods and adding differents shapes.

    Well this xmas I branched out and tried my hand at several different projects. I made ice cream scoops and screwdrivers (kits brought from Rockler) and learned how to drill a blank on the lathe (not a pretty site). I actually broke my lathe in the progress , but thanks to Molly the manager at Rockler, she let me borrow the tail stock from their demo so I could finish up my presents. There are some awls, a salt and pepper shaker, two different types of pens that were new for me along with the stand by ones and two different types of bottle stoppers. The metal bottle stoppers were the newest type I tried. All new stuff for me.

    The last ones were candle holders with seashells around them. An idea I got from the forum. I had help from grizzz who gave me the wood and rough cut out the circles and then my daughter helped me with the seashells and filling them with craft water.

    Although I had many (i mean many) stumbling blocks along the way (I almost throw the towel, along with the lathe, out the window) I pushed thru my frustrations with the encouragement from my friends and was able to complete all these projects.

    Like always I would love comments, suggestions and ideas. Thanks for looking. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails ice cream scoops screwdrivers and awl 2008.jpg   bottle stoppers awl and salt.pepper shakers 2008.jpg   pens xams 2008.1.jpg   shell candle holders.1.jpg  
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    Very nice collection of work!!! I first thought the salt and pepper shakers were kaliedeoscopes until dial up finally opened it!

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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    Hi Joan
    Nice bunch of projects, Could you please explain the candle holders with the water and the shells.

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    They are all good looking pieces Joan. My favorite is the awl in the 1st pic


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    Joan this a fine job , love the pens . Thanks for sharing ........Marshall..

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    Joan nice set of work. My favorite is the awl also,now my wifes is the ice cream scoop

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    Those are great Joan. You have a wonderful assortment of beautifully hand-made items. Their 'owners' will surely be pleased.

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    Thanks everyone for looking and for your comments.

    I sort of winged the candle holders. They were trail and error. Use any kind of wood you want. First you rough cut a circle. The circle will depend on how big your candle is and how large your seashells are, and how many seashells you want in it. Then you put it on the lathe to make it round and turn a tenon. On the opposite end of the tenon you then use your drill press or drill it on the lathe with a forsner bit to make a hole in the middle. The smaller ones are big enough for a tea light candle and the larger one has the middle hole big enough for 3" candle (this one I actually had to turn as if I was making a bowl in the middle). After drilling the center hole put it back on the lathe and turn the "mote" (this is where the seashells go). Finish it off with sanding and your finish. Fill the mote with the seashells. I went to A.C. Moore (any craft store will sell it) and bought craft water (normally used in fake flower arrangements). I just poured the craft water over the shells to cover and bam, your done!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joan Keeler View Post
    Hi everyone.

    The last ones were candle holders with seashells around them. An idea I got from the forum. I had help from grizzz who gave me the wood and rough cut out the circles and then my daughter helped me with the seashells and filling them with craft water.

    Hi Joan,
    I like the candle holders... really cool idea... can I "borrow" the idea for future turnings at my place... I'm assuming the "craft water" is a resin casing material????
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    Hi Chuck,
    Go right ahead and borrow the idea, I borrowed it from the forum to begin with...hehehehe. I am not sure what "resin casing material" is but I went to the local craft store and bought "craft water" normally used in artifical flower arrangements. There are several different brands. This one all you do is heat up and pour. I thought it would harden to a very hard substance but it turns into a very thick jelly like substance, that can be reheated if there are any flaws. ENJOY!!!!
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