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Thread: ambrosia maple hall table

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    ambrosia maple hall table

    I've built a few hall tables for family and friends but never one for my wife. Well I decided that it was time to build her one. I've been wanting to build something using ambrosia maple for a while. This past summer while at a local flea market there happened to be a guy selling some great looking maple. He also had enough curly maple for the legs. The edges are purple heart. I gave this to her for Christmas. The only thing I wish I would have done differently is the legs. They are 2x2 and taper down to 1x1. They look a little thick.

    The ambrosia and curly maple were a lot different in color, so I used transtint honey amber color to "pop" the curl and tone the woods to better match. I then hand rubbed several coats of general finish seal a cell.
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    i dont think those legs are to thick they show the curly maple just fine,, that turned very nice,, now how do you hide something that big from her while you were making it??? bet you got grin for that one
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    That's a great looking table John, and the purple heart give it a great touch

    I wish I could get that sort of wood here.

    Only a small criticism if I may, I think that if on the top you had put the right slab in the same position but on the left side, the joint would have been less evident but I guess that you made your own trials before gluing and this was the best choice for you
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    WOW. That is some pretty impressive grain. And the table's awesome too!
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    Good looking table John, I like it all the way around Great curlie and the ambrosia works well with it. Bet she loves it


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    looks great to me. Legs look fine to me.

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    Love the top , this is some real impressive wood......... Marshall...

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    Awesome table I love the top, and the curly grain on thoses legs wow.

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    Looks good to me on all aspects. I really like the ambrosia maple, and I'm like you. I've been looking for a project to use it on myself!

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    Great looking Table! Ambrosia maple is tough to match up w/out showing the seam, but you did a fine job with it! The legs look fine in relation with the rest of the table. I'd be proud if I'd made it!!!
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