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Thread: 2 routers, a dilemma I never thought I'd have to deal with

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    2 routers, a dilemma I never thought I'd have to deal with

    So for Christmas I got a Milwaukee router 1 3/4hp from my parents, and a Milwaukee router 2 1/4hp from my sister. Both have a staionary base and a plunge base. The 1 3/4hp one came free with a saw so it is basically non-returnable. It is the 2 1/4hp one that I am stuck deciding what to do with. I opened them up and examined and they are virtually identical, just one has more hp. I am reeeeaaallllyyyy stuck on what to do here. I never thought in a million years I would have to chose something like this. I know that one day I will have more than one router (one table mounted, one free, different bits setup, etc), but I'm still pretty young and new to this stuff, so even though one of the routers came free, does it really make it worth keeping if I won't put them both to use right away?

    But the thing is, the one that I would have to return would be the 2 1/4hp one My question would be do you think the 1 3/4hp router would be tough enough? Like let's say I want to make some cabinet doors years down the road, would that router be able to handle something like oh lets say a raised panel bit?

    And if I do take the 2 1/4hp back, I could use that money to get something like the Rigid spindle sander I've been eyeing up. Do you guys have any suggestions? Any pros/cons I should be looking at here? I'm sorry to throw this at you, this is all way over my head and I never thought I would be stuck with a decision of this magnitude. Anything you could recommend I'm all ears, thanks much everyone.

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    Like clamps, you can never have too many routers.

    Seriously, I'd consider a router table as your next project.
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    Two routers are better than one! Over the years, I've accumulated three Bosch 1617's (2.25hp), a Hitachi M12V (3.25hp) and three trim routers. Yeah, OK -- so I can only use one at a time, but they come in handy when using several bits on a project.

    I used one of my 1617 routers in a table and it handled panel-raising bits OK when I made some cabinet doors. The M12V is now in my table and is somewhat better at raising panels because of its power.

    In your case, if you can't afford to keep both at this time or if you'd just like to convert the 2.25hp router into other equipment go for it. You will probably find you'd be happier with a 3hp class router in a table when you're ready to make some doors.
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    I'd agree with Rennie, but again, I've always gotten by with just one router (1 3/4 hp). I guess it would depend on what would make you more productive. I own the rigid oscilating sander and to me it's worth having.

    Good Luck!

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    My vote is to keep them both. Put one in a table and use the other one freehand. Even though I personally own one router, I have access to several at the cabinet shop where I work and it's sure handy!!



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    build your self a table and use the bigger on it westly.. once you used a table you will wonder why you hadnt before... the other is hand held style like the others say.. the 2.25 is light for raised panels but could with light cuts.. i used a m12v like bill. and wished i had two of them
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    Ditto what they said, put one in a router table (likely choice would be the big one) and use the other for hand held. If the plunge base is comfortable to use, keep it in the plunge base all of the time, otherwise, keep it in the fixed base and only switch bases when you need to use it for plunge work.

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    Heed what the others have said.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Fusco View Post
    boys can never have too many toys.
    Hey Frank, I like that one!!
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    Wes, I basically agree with what the others have said, but with a slight twist. I think the 1 3/4 hp would be ideal to use for the hand held applications, so keep it, but the 2 1/4 hp, (although it would work for the router table), it would be a little light for longterm use in the table when you DO need to swing the larger panel raising bits. So my suggestion would be to add a little of your own money, (if you can fit it into your budget) and trade the 2 1/4 hp for a router in the 3 + hp class to put into your router table. That combination should take care of ANY router work you would want to do for a LONG Time, Annnnnnd....make a router table your NEXT project, (you will be glad you did).

    PS; Sounds like you've got a GREAT Sister.

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