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    Auction find

    Went to an auction recently. I didn't really know anything about this when I found it. I had been wanting a disk sander for a while and saw this edge sander among a bunch of Powermatic tools and though it would be a handy item if it didn't go to high. To my surprise it stalled at about $25 so I started bidding. I ended up buying it for $35 ...well $41 after all the fee's. I felt it was well worth that much for the 3/4 hp Dayton motor on it if nothing else. Plus I knew it would very handy in the shop. The tables are in sad shape but otherwise it's in good shape.

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    After I got it home I found out I had a desirable and pricey ACME sander. Because of the paint on it I couldn't even read the name tag. Found one of the fellows on OWWM had one that was basically worn out and sold it for $100. $250 up was considered a fair price for a used one. Seems I did a lot better than I realized at the time.

    After finding that out I decided to tear this one apart and clean and repaint it.
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    Ya dooone good..
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    Heck of a deal Jeff! Whenever I go to an auction what ever I'm intrested in goes for almost as much (or more) as a new one.
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    Well Jeff it looks like you are up to your usual self buying what looks like a sows ear & turning it into a silk purse.

    Next time before you go out to fall in it & come up smelling like a rose please call me so I can tag along & see how it done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bart Leetch View Post
    Next time before you go out to fall in it & come up smelling like a rose please call me so I can tag along & see how it done.

    Well I am still kicking myself for not buying several machines that day. First auction I have ever seen things go that cheap.

    OK Bart, here is your heads up! I am going Friday to Chattanooga to look at and hopefully buy a Queen City pedestal grinder. 150 to 200 pound cast iron industrial model! This is what I think I am going to see.

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    He also has a Handcraft(?) jointer and a "Craftman compressor of some kind" with it. I want the grinder and the rest is just a bonus (or scrap iron!). We won't talk about his asking price. I have to leave by 9AM so don't be late!

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    Yo BArt! Time change, Leaving at 8AM. I forgot about the time change between here and there. Don't be late! We will grab breakfast on the way.
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