View Poll Results: Do you make back-ups of your files?

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  • I always think about it but never make it

    13 26.00%
  • I make them on a regular basis

    28 56.00%
  • Only from important stuff

    7 14.00%
  • Only for a few days after a crash and after a while I relax

    3 6.00%
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Thread: POLL: Do you make back-ups of your hard drive?

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    POLL: Do you make back-ups of your hard drive?

    I thought I could post this poll to make everybody aware that most of us do not make back-ups of our files, and that if we value the information that we have on them we should.

    I voted for #1 because I have two hard drives, one for software and another for data. I know it can crash as well but it has less chances I guess
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    Absolutely I should. I voted in the first category. The only thing I have backed up is my writing. (flash drive and Yahoo Briefcase) My photos could be lost. That would be tragic.

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    Should, but dont, wish I did many times.

    New year maybe will get my act together

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    Voted #1. Looking into Carbonite as a new year's resolution. Heard some good stuff about it.
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    I've started using MS Live Sync to sync between my laptop and the home computer, but still make DVD Backups and keep important stuff in multiple locations.
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    I bought a external hard drive from Simple Drive, then bought some true image back-up software someone recommended and do Full Backups of the entire computer every day. It only keeps 3 copies of backups before it starts overwriting the oldest version. It may be overkill doing it everyday but with my wife using the computer most everyday for work/school stuff I am not gonna take any chances. If it crashes I can restore the entire computer to the way it was
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    ok aaron can you give us the recipe?
    two machine's one in the shop and one in the house.. some software and mostly pics.. have tried to get the other half to back up pics but havnt succeeded yet.. so what size external HD and what software do you suggest? i do it daily at work but still have got burnt..but those machines run constantly..
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    I try to grab a full backup on fridays, but I don't always do it.

    My work PC has an online backup service that Is supposed to take care of things, but I have a dedicted external backup drive I use on it.

    I have a couple of other backup drives I use for my home pc's.

    Thanks for the reminder, I'm going to schedule some backups today...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darren Wright View Post
    I've started using MS Live Sync to sync between my laptop and the home computer, but still make DVD Backups and keep important stuff in multiple locations.
    I've been using SyncToy for almost a that the same thing? (Seems odd that MS would have two separate sync utilities.)
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    I have an external HD on both of my windows computers, and the one main computer, I also have a raid array, mirror drive set up. I've lost a drive or two on the raid arrays over the years, just buy a new drive, smash the mirror, insert new drive, and rebuild the mirror, simple!

    I've also got a Mac, and it has Time machine on it, very cool!

    I'll be getting Carbonite in the new year for the one main Windows machine and the Mac too, an off site back up is very important to have as well.

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