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Thread: Bandsaw Jig sled question ?

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    Bandsaw Jig sled question ?

    I saw a home made jig that someone made so they could cut a round log with a flat end. the log was held in by screws - two flat boards - one flat the other vertical that would adjust so you could cut it flat one one side.
    i dont remember where the link was or if it was was used for resawing and/or to cut it flat to later cut it round for a lathe bowl blank....
    anybody remember where it is ???? thanks Dan

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    I can't point you to a specific link but I'm pretty sure there are a couple versions of sleds like that in the picture section of the Minimax Users group on yahoo.
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    Here is a 5-minute YouTube video showing a jig that was featured in the May 2007 issue of WOOD Magazine. Hope it helps!

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    thansk kerry that is something that i can use,, dont turn but it will make some other things i do safer..
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    Something like this?

    Here is my take on this on my web site

    A jig for resawing logs on the Bandsaw
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    Nice Jeff. I'm no woodworker but I might wonder if your jig requires you to lean into (toward) the blade to push the sled behind the blade. The one in the film allowed you to stand back further.

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    I built a nice one, but I'm typing this on my BlackBerry so I'm not really in a good position to search for the thread (and don't even remember if I've posted it here). I'll try to get on a real computer later today and find some pics for you.
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