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Thread: New Years Cleanup

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    New Years Cleanup

    Ive been neglating my table saw top, so i decided to take care of it today. I had done a glueup and some of it leaked through onto the top in a couple spots and made a few rust areas. I thought I was taking better care of the top but apparently not.

    I used my little find from Lowes with a green scrub pad and some Bars Keepers Friends scrub. Scrub a little and it cleaned up pretty good. The stains didnt totally disappear but its 100 times better than it was. Finished up with a nice coat of Johnsons Wax.

    Back to the shop for more cleaning.

    Happy New Year!!


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    Yep, works great don't it, that is how I freshened up the tables on my used jointer when I got it.
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