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Thread: Gifts

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    Here are some of the things I made for gifts. The stoppers have gone to my kids, some go workers, etc. The coffee mug were for my two sons and my son in law. Had to wait until after they had received them to post this as one of my sons is a member here. The mugs were a chalange as I made them out of found green wood. Took several tries to get the wood to cooperate. The mugs are fun to make. What do you think?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Bottle Stoppers Post 1.jpg   Coffee Mugs Post 1.jpg  

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    The mugs are fun to make. What do you think?
    I think they are first class!
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    Thinking doesn't even have to be involved here.

    Those are awesome!
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    Beautiful Wayne. Great looking gifts for sure. Well done.
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    Beautiful "found" wood. Love the center mug.

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    I saw you did a great job with all of them & to prove to us that the coffee mugs are a nice as they look I think you should make one for every member of FW to prove they are as gorgeous in person as they are on the pics.

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    Those are Great Wayne! Nice assortment of stoppers and the mugs are first class; nice gifts all.

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    The stoppers are nice, the mugs are really nice

    Where do you get the mugs? Are they expensive?

    Goes on the list of things to make for NEXT Christmas
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    Most of the turning supply places have the mugs, they run around $10. I talked to on guy that went to the dollar type stores and picked some up that were stainless inside and plastic outside, removed the plastic and used them. Cost to him, 99 cents and a little time.

    Nice stoppers and mugs. That's a nice idea for a display stand.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Royall Clark View Post
    Beautiful "found" wood. Love the center mug.
    I like that one the best too! Also the stopper on the lower right...It's mine too! The mugs are oak, spalted hackberry and walnut from left to right and the stoppers also include some osage orange.

    Great job Dad and thanks again. I've been using it the last few days and it works great.
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