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Thread: Bessey Extender

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    Bessey Extender

    Hi everyone

    Has anyone had any experience with the Bessey "x-stender"?

    Looks like a neat way to attach two K bodies together to get a BIG clamp.

    One could probably just drill a piece of steel and put some bolts in it to acheive the same result, but the "foot" on this seems to be a nice touch to keep the clamps aligned before you torque them down.

    Seems like a cost effective way to get clamps for the big jobs that occasionally come along.

    I'm slowly accumulating some K body clamps whenever I find a sale on Amazon. I've bought 2 sets of the cabinet makers kit 2 24" 2 50" plus K blocks.


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    Steve Clardy Guest
    I've seen those, but haven't purchased any.
    Looks like a great addition to the clamp arsonal

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    I have wanted to try those just haven't pulled the trigger yet. Would help making the 12 & 24" longer, especially when trying to build up my clamp set like I am.
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    It is cool but keep in mind that it only works with the newer, reversable Bessey's. I have two of the newer 60" but the rest are the older style.
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