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Thread: Drill press problem solved

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    Drill press problem solved

    I have had a 14" General International drill press for sale for a while. The only response I got was from a fellow on craigslist that proceeded to tell me how I was price gouging. I had it $100 cheaper that Woodcraft and had used it 3 or 4 times. The light bulb went off. I want a bench drill press, I have a floor drill press, a friend has a horizontal band saw. Pulled the head and the base and gave the post a whack. I now have a bench top drill press and a hunk of post with a sleeve fitting that I can add back if I ever want a floor model again. Photos if I ever find my camera. I think it is 200 miles west of here.

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    We have the same drill press! At least we did before you took yours to the chop shop! Glad to here you found a good solution to your issue. Every woodworker should have a machinist friend - it just makes so many things easier.

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