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Thread: Shop Vacuum Safety Issue FYI

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    Shop Vacuum Safety Issue FYI

    Doesn't sound like a huge safety issue, but better safe than sorry!

    Emerson Tools has issued a safety notice for certain brands and models of shop vacs. There is an issue with possible overheating in some cases. They are offering a free insert to prevent this.

    Brands are:
    Dirt Hawg
    Dirt Hound

    More info and models effected here:

    Just FYI,

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    Thanks for the heads up Wes

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    I got a letter from Emerson about it, ordered for both of my Ridgid vacs. Haven't installed the thing yet. Not sure what it is supposed to do. Jim.
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    Glad you brought this up. I got the letter, (promptly misplaced it) and then with the Holidays, etc. forgot all about it. Need to get one for mine and one for my Daughter's.

    Thanks for the heads up.

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