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Thread: My Cutting Boards for Dec. 2008

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    My Cutting Boards for Dec. 2008

    After making several cutting boards last year, requests came in for some this year.

    I did these in early December, at the same time. Both are end grain cutting boards that measure about 8 1/2in x 11in, by 1in thick.

    The first one is for my best friend and his wife in Tacoma, WA. The edges are in Cherry, and the checkers are Black Walnut and Hard Maple. It is finished with a mineral oil finish.

    The second one is for my mother-in-law to send to her good friend in Houston, TX. The edges are Black Walnut, and the checkers are Hard Maple and Cherry. It is finished with a salad bowl finish.

    Both parties received their cutting board and were very happy with it. I just wish I would have had my branding iron, to sign my name to them...... oh well maybe next year.
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    Very neat. I am sure that they were very happy and will enjoy them for many years.

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    If they can't be found in the kitchen, check the kids room... they're playing checkers!! Good looking Sean, and btw.... Happy Birthday

    What goes around, comes around.

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    ya been busy no wonder you got such nice toys from santa,, he's tryun to tell ya something.. start earlier this year
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