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Thread: Santa's present to my sons

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    Santa's present to my sons

    My almost 4 year old (the one in the picture with me) likes to play with the wooden track Thomas the Train sets. My wife asked me (Santa) to make a table that could accept one of the pre-printed landscape boards, on which the kids lay the train track. To buy one of these tables, will run between $200-$300 USD..... aside from the printed pictures on the tables, there is nothing special about them...they aren't even particularly well built.

    I built the table out of pine (as I had a decent amount of it in the shop), with the top edge made of cherry. I used cherry for the top edge, as I know that pine won't handle the kids' abuse well, but the harder cherry should do it gives it a nice contrast. The pre-printed board is held up by a frame that is attached to the side frame with pocket screws. The legs are attached with 4 screws each, 2 pocket & 2 straight in. The outside corners are joined with through dovetails. I make these using my Leigh Super 24 jig. It is finished with salad bowl finish (incase the now 4 month old, decides to make a meal of it).

    On Christmas morning my son exclaimed "this is awesome!".

    In gluing it up, I finally needed the capacity of my 50in Besseys! I was sure glad the wife got those for me last year.

    The last 2 pictures show the table with the salad bowl finish on it.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 12-08TrainTable1.jpg   12-08TrainTable3.jpg   12-08TrainTable4.jpg   12-08TrainTable2.jpg   12-08TrainTable5.jpg  

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    What a lucky little boy

    What goes around, comes around.

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    Nice job Roy

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    Awesome is exactly what it is Sean, beautiful job!

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    i can see many miles on the train ride and whern its done ,, the train ride, i bet that dad can make it into a coffee table with alot of memioers attached..
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    I built one for my son when he was about 4 also. Not nearly as nice as yours. Like many little boys he was a Thomas nut. The ones you can buy are really expensive for what you get. The wife and I went and looked at them and we had one of those "I can build that better and a lot cheaper" discussions. He's eight now and his has been a truly multipurpose table. He still uses it to play on today. Now it's transformers, hotwheels, and army men.

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    Very very nice. Have thought about buying the track cutting bits and for the male and female ends of the track so I can build my grandson's train track. He isn't quite two yet, although, the rate I complete things, I am two years behind already if it is to be done when he is four!!

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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