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Thread: On-going shop project

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    On-going shop project

    Kinda new here----This is a link to photo's of my shop "in progress" -- it's never really done right?...

    It's a lotta fun ---

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    First, Welcome to the Family.

    Nice looking shop and what a view! We love pictures, thanks for sharing!
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    Welcome to the family, and what a Shop that is! Even the cow is cool! (I don't blame you for not wanting to know... but at the same time, I wanna know, yaknow?)

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    No, not all of SoCal is Los Angeles!
    Welcome. Great looking work in progress and no, it never ends. . . ain't it great?
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    Welcome to the family Dean!

    Thanks for the shop tour, that is quite a shop. When I first saw the two doors on the side, I was thinking you built in a dog house for yourself.

    Really nice job on it.

    BTW, browsed some of your project pics, really like those lamps. I'm assuming from the knob that they are adjustable in height? Also, must be close to Grizzly...quite a few of their tools.
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    Just two questions. What 's the rent and when can I move in??

    Super project, beautiful property. You must be doing something right

    How can I even look at my basement shop after seeing this?
    All the best,
    Ian G

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    You are building every retirees dream. Great-great shop.
    And, your home setting is beautiful.
    Where do you live, looks cold there. We kinda like to see where folks live. If you wouldn't mind putting your hometown in your profile, you might find you have FW friends living not far away.
    I, too, note some Grizzly tools. Are you going to add a lathe?
    BTW, welcome to the Family.

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    Thumbs up Your Shop Looks Great !!!

    I thought that I had a niece shop till I saw yours Dean , I don't know if mine has ever been as clean as yours is . Makes me feel bad , so I'll just have to work a little harder to keep it cleaner ..........Marshall...

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    Great shop Dean filled with lots of great ideas. I really like the down-draft chop saw dust collection.

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    Dean, great shop. Just one thing - don't let anyone here give you grief (like they did me) about having a fridge in your shop!
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