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Thread: When to use a traditional grind or fingernail grind on bowl grouges.

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    When to use a traditional grind or fingernail grind on bowl grouges.

    Hi guys. I am a new woodturner. I am having trouble selecting the right chisel for the right application. I have been getting some catches from time to time. I would like a list of do's and don'ts for the fingernail ground bowl grouge and the traditional bowl grouge. If someone could give me a brief list it would help me greatly. I hope anyway. LOL


    Joe Penney

    Mississauga, Ontario.

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    Flute points in the direction of the cut you are attempting. "Ride" the bevel. Handle lower than the tip of the gouge. Point of cut at or above center. Bill Grumbine talks about 45/45. That's tool at 45 degrees from verticle, 45 degrees from horizontal in relation to the ways. You'll get more info I'm sure.

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    Thanks for the response sir.

    Thanks Doug: the 45\45 tip will be tryed to tomorrow. I did find out another mistake I was making. Cutting from the outside in on end grain. That I am told is a no no.

    thanks again.

    Joe Penney.

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    when to use a traditionalgrind or fingernail grind on bowl

    You may want to look around and pick up a dvd on proper use of different tools.It could save you a lot of no no's in the future,as it is kinda hard to tell what you may be doing wrong here,But we will do our best to help you get goin in the right direction.

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    DVD Robert Sorby

    Thanks For the response Ken. I did get one by Robert Sorby, the first one for fundenmentals. I guess it is time for the next one in the series.

    Good Advice. thanks again

    Joe Penney.

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    Get a copy of Bill Grumbine's first video. He covers the tools and the cuts made by those tools. In fact he takes wood from tree to bowl in one video. Really helps both beginner and intermediate turners.

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    I agree with Doug. Bill Grumbine's DVD Turned Bowls Made Easy is a great one to have. He takes you thru each cut several times so you can see how they act.
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    hello, i use a fingernail gouge for 90% of my work- it is an extremley versatile gouge- the only time i use a normal gouge is in the bottom of very deep bowls as i have aspecial one with an extremley short bevel.

    two very good dvd's which shows some fingernail techniques is john jordans bowl and holow form dvd's.

    You can cut into end grain with a gouge but its not for the inexperinced.

    best wish's

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    I also vote for Bill G's videos & I also endorse Jimmy Clwes DVD's he gives you close up shots on the correct way to make the cuts it has helped me immensely.

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    Thanks again for all the help.

    I will look into the DVD's mentioned and purchase them asap. I know that an hour of instruction is worth months of trial and error. Not to mention the cost of wood.

    Thanks again


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