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Thread: of interest to penturners, or anyone

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    of interest to penturners, or anyone

    I belong to a penturning forum, The Pen Shop. The owner, by name of Johnny Wooten, has e-published two editions of a magazine, The Pen Shop News. I'm posting here because it may be of interest to anyone who has not tried this particular woodworking/turning avocation.
    Be advised, it is in PDF format and loads slowly, be patient.

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    Nice site, thanks Frank

    WOW,,, I must of lost this site,,, I've been a member since last Dec. ?????
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    Nice newsletter, Frank! (And good article, BTW.) Thanks for posting the link - I bookmarked that one. I'm fairly new to pen-turning, having started last winter, so I look forward to reading more from The Pen Shop's site.



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