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Thread: Wrong wood?

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    Wrong wood?

    Are there any woods that shouldn't be used for peppermills? Freezing or microwaving spalted woods will kill or cause fungus to go dormant. What about oily woods like Cocobolo and Bocote? The woods for salt boxes was english walnut...really benign stuff so I didn't worry about it.
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    The Tamboti I used in my salt and pepper shaker isn't for use with food. My shakers have a plastic insert so it isn't an issue.

    Deciduous and of medium height, the bark is characterisically rough and black. The milky latex can cause severe irritation to the skin and eyes. Furthermore, it is not used as a cooking fuel because it imparts unpleasant taints to the food. The species enjoys a degree of built-in protection against overuse by humans. Kudu browse it, but hunters are careful when dressing a carcass in Tamboti country not to allow the rumenal contents to spoil the edible cuts. The heartwood is dark brown with darker longitudinal streaks that create beautiful markings.

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    I always put a barrier coat of shellac (Zinsser SealCoat) on the insides of my mills and don't worry about what kind of wood i'm using.

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