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Thread: Grizzly G0456 Lathe

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    Wink Grizzly G0456 Lathe

    Mine failed twice before the warrenty was up and three times since - the most expensive was the speed indicator that goes for a cool 300 bucks to fix it correctly - and they have that in stock.

    The main thing is the motor has no cooling so it shuts off with use and needs to be turned off then back on to reset whatever. I did find that by taking that sanding disc off the end and remove the big heavy casting in front of the motor then put a fan blowing on the end of the lathe the shut downs will not be as frequent.

    I came to the point of calling the Tech dept at Grizzly and told them if they came for it they could have it!!!

    If you notice the new unit has the motor seems to be incased in the head as the old style and not exposed for cooling - I would save the hastle and go a few more bucks and get another manufacture as I did - my Grizzly is now used for sanding only and light duty - what a waste - not up to Grizzly standards.


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    Coincidentially, I was on the phone with Grizzly tech support when I opened FW and saw your post.
    I read it to the fellow I was talking to and he asked that you send your message in an e-mail to them. He said it would be forwarded "upstairs" for review.
    I'll be posting about another model in a couple minutes.

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