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Thread: "New to me" Delta Bandsaw...

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    "New to me" Delta Bandsaw...

    I've wanted a larger capacity bandsaw for a while, but couldn't afford the ones I'd really like...16" ~ 18". But checking out cragislist, I came across this Delta 12", hardly used and in "like new" condition. The owner got it from a relative's estate and only used it twice. He has another, and no need for this one.

    It's a Delta BS220LS, about 4 years old, but you can see it's "like new".

    I can cut boards up to 12" wide and up to 6" thick.

    It came with the manual, detailed parts diagram and list, 2 spare 1/4" blades and a spare set of tires for the blade wheels.

    He wanted $250...but I got it for $175 and he was kind enough to deliver it to my house today, even in the snow! Great guy!

    OK, it's not a "Big Blue, White, Green or Mustard"...but it should fill my needs for a good while. I have a Herc-U-Lift mobile base to put on it too!

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    Congrats Greg, it's always neat to get a new looks like it is in great shape and at a good price...but what is the Mrs. gonna say when she sees it in the living room?

    You'll find it will serve you well.
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    Sounds like a great deal Greg.
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    Thanks, Steve, Bruce...

    If the weather ever gets decent, I'll be able to get the garage cleared out enough to move it, and my RAS, in there.

    The bandsaw should also really help in getting some turning stock cut! In addition, I need to find a reasonable fence for it. I'm not sure if I should go with a Delta, or a 3rd party accessory.

    Any ideas?

    I just ordered a Wood Slicer 1/2" blade from Highland Woodworking. I think it will really improve the performance of the saw.
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    Nice score, Greg. Sounds like a good price.

    I think you'll like the Woodslicer a lot for smooth straight cuts in dry wood. If you're planning to use the new saw for cutting green turning blanks, give Suffolk Machinery a call and try one of their 3/8" (or if your saw can properly tension it, 1/2") 3AS blades. (Just tell them what saw you have, and that you're cutting green bowl blanks...they'll steer you to the right blade.) I have both the Woodslicer and the 1/2" 3AS, and the 3AS (3-tooth, alternate set) eats green wood for breakfast, and since it's a thicker kerf blade, it's more robust for cutting curves than the Woodslicer, IMHO. (I do swear by the Woodslicer for resawing, though.)
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    Hey Greg, I'll give you $250 for it right now, but you pay the shipping

    That is just about exactly what I'd like to get.

    Here is the Jet I'm looking at.....

    With delivery to my door, 70,000 yen or about $615.

    So yes, I'm green with envy Greg!
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    Wow, $175???...AND delivered to you in the snow??? That has to be the deal of the year. Especially for a machine in that great of condition. Congrats Greg. WTG.
    Thanks, Mark.

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