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Thread: coffee and end tables

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    coffee and end tables

    Years ago I built a coffee table and two end tables, using an article in Wood Magazine as a guide. I have never been one to follow plans much, as it just seems more fun to do it your own way. However, you have to be careful or beginners can design some pretty ugly stuff. The article gave me ideas for proportions, to keep the tables looking nice. One of the end tables was customized to hold some stereo equipment instead of the standard shelf. The first three photos are of the original tables.

    After redoing our living room last year, the wife wanted two new end tables, "similar to the other ones, but different. And I want them 'this size'," she said while holding up her hands. The tape measure said that they were to be 12" wide x 24" high, and 21" high. So they are. Wives are always right, right?

    The first tables were made from mahogany, and had black Formica with a leather looking finish for tops. There was still some of the mahogany in the stock rack, and a small piece of the Formica left over too.

    I kept sketching out designs - the old way with paper and pencil - but couldn't come up with tapered legs that I liked. I finally went with a simple design that used square legs, and used a beading bit to add some character to the otherwise very simple project. Sometimes simple works for me…
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    id say your right!

    those turned very well tom, i d say simple is just right.. how did you connect your aprons to the legs? nice miters there too
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    hi Tom - those look great. I'd say your wife's sense of proportion, and your ability to simplify, came together quite well.
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    beautiful tables! my rule is, when in doubt, keep it simple.
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    Quote Originally Posted by larry merlau View Post
    how did you connect your aprons to the legs? thumb:

    I considered dowels, biscuits, and tenons. The dowels won since the tables are rather small and light duty, and dowels are so easy to do.

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    Those look great Tom, and keeping things simple is the first rule of design.
    We call it the KISS rule.
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    nice tables Tom

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    Niece job Tom , thanks for sharing your talent .........Marshall..........
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    Nice tables Tom Simple design? Don't know, just know that they are very nice and well done. Winter is back, so you must be back to your shop in Florida? If so, enjoy the warmth


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    Nice work Tom. Im starting on a similar project. I hope mine turn out as nice.

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