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Thread: new to forum hello everyone.

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    new to forum hello everyone.

    Hello, I am about to start a 8X10 shed. Where would I post to get advice for complete plans (step by step,etc)?

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    Hi Joel! Welcome! I would start with a through google search.

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    Welcome to the Family Joel

    I'd put your project thread in the >>Carpentry and Construction << forum.

    Take lots of pictures, we like pictures!

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    Welcome Joel. When you get a chance put your location in your profile so we can see where your at in this world. Inquire minds love to know.

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    Welcome. The Google search mentioned is the one under the Search link at the top of the forum pages. Here's a sample of a Google search for "building a shed" within this forum:

    If you want full plans, there is a selection at Plans Now:

    Depending where you live you can buy a synthetic commercial shed for less than you can buy the materials to build and roof a wooden one:

    But if this is for a shop, plastic is probably not what you are looking for.
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    Welcome Joel!
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    I live near the border to British Columbia and several businesses there sell panelized or pre-cut kits for sheds, gazebos, and playhouses. If you are looking at something that is very nice in appearance, but lack the experience or skills to stick build a shed, this might be an option. Here is a link to a website of one such company. It might be too pricey for your needs.

    I remember a co-worker that used a company up there to provide a pre-cut playhouse and he said that he could hardly buy the lumber for the price they provided in their pre-cut kit. The company he used was probably selling their product at a much better price than the one shown in the link.

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    Welcome Joel! You have good info in the above replies to your question. There's not a whole lot to add. If you go with wood, be sure to use treated lumber below the floor and treated plywood for the floor. Some cut rate builders and kit manufacturers try to save a few $ in these materials; that may (most likely) cause problems in the future.


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    Welcome to the Family, Joel. We like pictures, so post lots of them.
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    Welcome to the family Joe!
    Best regards,

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