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Thread: Here's what Santa brought me....

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    Angry Here's what Santa brought me....

    Twas the Friday before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stiring not even a mouse. So I got up and went to pick up my rental trailer for my wood haul and the lights short out my SUV.

    I know you've heard this already. So it gets better....

    I spend the day getting them fixed. The obvious fuses were not the culpret. It was the fuse box inside the vehicle that I missed. ChaChing!

    Wait it gets better....

    Christmas night (12/25). My second son finishes his bath (2nd floor). I'm in my basement shop shop and my wife is screaming for me about the water in the powder room toilet overflowing. Thinking someone had clogged it I rush up stairs and it was not overflowing. IT WAS GUSHING! Quickly I try to stop it while my wife and other son get towels, a bucket and mop. Nothing is working. Gallons of WARM water are now flowing between the toilet and the floor into the finished basement. Once it stops I get things relatively cleaned up and rush down stairs. My wife is already putting bukets under the lights where the water is draining. I go get the drill and proceed to drill holes in the ceiling to get more to drain.

    Finally it stops.

    2 hours of clean up and damage assessment, clogged main line, we go to my office gym for showers. Home at 11:00.

    Don't stop it gets even better...

    Tuesday at 7 I call plumber #1, my regular guy. They say they can send someone out to snake the drain by 1. At 1 they call and say no can do, someone stole the big snake. I call plumber #2.

    Plumber # 2 comes out at 4. He snakes the drain from the cleanout. after 15' of snake he pulls it back. MUD IN THE LINE!!!!! The main is cracked! He says call plumber #3 who does sewer line replacement/repair. Plumber #3 comes at 5. They assess the situation.

    Drum roll please....


    Oh you think its over right???? OH NOOOOOOOOO its not!

    Plumber #3 shows up this morning at 9. After waiting hours for Miss Utility to mark the lines the dig begins. Plumber #2 thinks the break is about 10' from the cleanout. They start to dig. After reaching the line no break. They dig further into the yard. No break. They resnake the line. Looks like Plumber #2 was wrong. The break appears to be closer. They remove my blue stone walk (with care) and a full grown boxwood. They dig. They find the break! They find that the line off the house is 2.5" lower than the sewer line! Time to call the office.

    After much consultation I call and talk with the owner. She says (it's a Family owned business) that they need to dig out to the where the line drops a 90 to the main sewer height which is about 24' from the cleanout. That way they will get the grading right on the line. Of course that was not in the original estimate..... $1900 extra.

    So for tonight we have a temporary line and can stay at the house. Last night was at my sister's and I was up all night fuming over this.

    Tomorrow at 9 they are back to re-lay the line and fill in the trench and seed etc. I get to redo the walkway and repair drywall!

    So that's what I got for Christmas this year!!!! Oh but wait I forgot... I'm Jewish!!!!

    BTW, I'll be having a potty party to celebrate the miracle of the sewer line!

    THE END!

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    Mike, what an adventure!! Sorry to hear of your run of bad luck. If bad luck comes in threes, you got all three covered!!! Jim.
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    I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this nightmare! What an awful way to spend the holidays...

    Hopefully the bad news is over and you'll be having that potty party soon...

    Good luck...
    - Marty -
    Fivebraids, Inc.
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    Sorry to hear about your problems. On the bright side--------------- IT didn't last for 40 days and 40 nights.


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    Hi Mike
    Happy Holiday. I talked to my friend in Texas today. She is a manager at a convienance store in Greenville Texas. Christmas night a guy went into the store 1 mile from her. Pulled a gun and told the casiear give him the money. The girl must have said something. He shot her in the face and killed her. They haven't found him yet.
    I real good friend here at home went to the doc last week. She was feeling tired all the time so she wnt for a check up. She is a singel parent very wonderful woman. Yesterday she sound sh has lukemia. She is 28. Her son is 6. Her friends will be doing a bone marrow drive for her this weekend. Chances of a match 1%.
    A Friend of mine out in the Orzarks a few weeks ago woke up one morning. The roof of his shop had caved in from all the snow. Its the shop the man makes a liveing from. I Don't think I ever heard a harsh word from him. Even when he wrecked his truck hauling trusses to put up.

    Today I woke up. It was a good day

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    Sorry to hear about your run of bad luck, Mike. At least it sounds like they're fixing it right. Here's hoping everything flows better from here on out (literally and figuratively).
    When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. - Hunter S. Thompson
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    Hey guys thanks for the support. I know in the big picture this is nothing. It's just frustrating to have these things happen. Especially during the holidays when you're trying to relax and spend time with family etc.

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    Hey Mike,
    What a bummer. Lets hope you got all the bad luck out of the way for a long time

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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Thats a bad problem to have, especially through the holidays Mike.
    I feel for ya.

    Hopefully 2007 will ring in a better year for you.

    And hopefully for everyone here.

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    well if you got that for christmas what did you get for hanukkah?? sry couldnt resist... sorry bout all that damage and stuff.... that royally sucks

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