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Thread: My Christmas goodies.

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    Talking My Christmas goodies.

    Well this is the proof. 8-) Drum roll please.

    Click pic for full size.

    One jet mini bed extension

    From bottom to top. all Thompson tools

    1" scraper
    1-1/4 Skew
    3/8 V bowl gouge
    1/2 V bowl gouge

    The top 4 tools I got a couple of months ago I just couldn't turn any handles.

    3/8 spindle gouge
    3/8 detail gouge
    1/2 spindle gouge
    1/2 detail gouge

    Ci2 tool
    4 100lb drawer slides for drawers under my lathe & work bench
    2 Incra miter slides for a TS sled
    1 feather board.

    That's it so far.

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    thats pretty good haul there
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    That'll do.

    Nice haul there, Chuck. With that bed extension, you can make some loooooong handles for those Thompson tools.
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    Boy you must have really been a good boy all year long!
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    It sure is a nice haul, be sure to hide that 1 inch scraper there are a few people who want one.

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    Anybody tries to get it I'll bite them real hard.

    I got most of this from the money my customers gave me for Christmas what can I say they love me

    First I got to put on a new top to my lathe bench & may have to do some reorganizing depends on how much of the doorway the new top blocks.

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    Chuck, you must have been a very good boy. That is quite a haul.

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    Chuck , you must had been a good boy ........Marshall[/I].................
    Usually Busier than a Cat In A sand Box : Arkansas Red Wolf & Razorbacks Fan

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    Santa must really like you.

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    Congrats on the new goodies. Your going to love the Thompson tools.
    Send them to me, I'll be happy to make handles for them.

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