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Thread: Another Office Wood Haul

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    Another Office Wood Haul

    I wasn't sure where to post this, but I guess it could be considered a lather project that's in progress.

    Once again, my office has become a source for potential turning wood. I arrived there today to find a crew with a backhoe removing a bunch of overgrown and dying trees. I got permission for the Facilities Manager to get any turnable wood out of the pile before the crew returns tomorrow with the chipper, so I went home and got the chainsaw and pickup truck.

    About the only wood that was big enough diameter to mess with was down near the base, and in some cases the top of the root balls. Lots of smaller burls all over the place. I still have a lot of trimming to do before I'll know how usable any of it will be, but I think it has good potential. I still haven't identified the wood, and forgot to grab some leaf samples, but I'll try to get some tomorrow.

    Here are a couple pics showing the load before I pulled it out of the pickup. (Dad will be glad to see his old pickup is being used as he intended when he gave it to me. The Tommy Lift was a blessing to my bad back for loading a few of the bigger pieces.)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Since some of it was at ground level or a bit below, there are some bits of dirt and rock mixed in with the wood. (The chain on my saw needs sharpening now...I saw a few sparks as I was cutting.) I'll hose the wood off good before doing any more cutting, and even then I'll use my "dirt chain" to cut it into blanks. For now, I've got the cut ends painted and I'll wait until I have some daylight hours available to see what turning blanks I can get from it all. I may find it's not worth the effort, but free is free, and it's worth trying to see what's hiding inside, IMHO.
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    vaughn, it`s likely you`ll get some cool figure down near the roots like that, i`ve used veneer cut from rootballs and some of it is stunning! nice score.....did you remember the pole barn nails for that pretty red tree?
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    That is a fine haul. Getting it ready for turning will be a project but you should end up with some fine looking projects.

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    Keep this up and you will need to get a bigger lathe........

    Nice haul!
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