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Thread: Kreg Pocket Screws and Bits question

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    Kreg Pocket Screws and Bits question

    When shopping on line for Kreg pocket screws I see both #7 and #8 screws for sale. The bits I see for sale have a .170" pilot diameter which is close to a #8 screw diameter.

    My question is: does Kreg make a bit for a #7 screw or are some manufacturers just trying to screw us up? Thanks, Bob

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    without looking them up,, i know the hardwood ones have finer threads than the soft wood screws maybe the the size is differnt too.. but i dont know of any differnt bits its a one fits all i believe. went back and checked and here is the link,,,

    seems to be just one bit size
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    It really doesn't matter since the bit doesn't drill a pilot hole. The screws are self-piloted. The step on the drill bit only creates the initial hole for the screw to sit in and removes some wood that doesn't need to be caught in the threads of the screw (clearance hole, i think it's called).
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    Jason's got it. Same step bit for both sizes. Fine threads for hardwoods, coarse for soft or manufactured.
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    I just got boxes of 500 quantity from McFeeleys. I used them on the radiator covers. Fine threads, but ordered course threads for softer woods also.

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