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Thread: Wishful thinking in the warehouse

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    Wishful thinking in the warehouse

    Our office has been taken "off-line" to allow us to purgre 40 years worth of files stored in a near by warehouse. Should take us a month or so. I noticed this storage rack while walking to our assigned area. Sometimes our company sells off equipment to employees when it becomess 'excess'. Sure wish they could declare this stuf excess as normal employee prices on old equipment usually run 10 to 20 cents on the dollar. This is heavy guage, solid steel, locking duct work and new it costs a small fortune. One of those big wyes in th back would cost as much as my entire system.
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    They don't need that old junk. They should just give it to you for the effort required to haul it away.
    Just here trying to help you out Rennie ;-)
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    Rennie's going to get the chance to get that stuff cheap - just think of the cash he'll be spending putting it all to use!

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