Hi everyone.
Just finished with the construction of my first CMS fence extension.
This came about due to my Delta Collapsible stand. It only has 4 feet on either side of the saw for material. This to me was not enough.
I figured at least 8 feet on one side would be sufficient. I saw Brents design for his Dewalt (see his thread called "miter saw stop block?") for the same stand. I took a slightly different approach since I didnt have anything to mount an aluminum angle to.
I basically added 1 cleat on the extension and another cleat with dowels on the piece of poplar that the saw attaches to.
I am quite happy with how it turned out and as soon as I can add the Kreg precise measuring system to it I should have a very accurate miter saw cutting system.
I hope some of you can maybe adapt an idea or two out of it.