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Thread: Where in the World is ....Matt ooprs I meanToni

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    Where in the World is ....Matt ooprs I meanToni

    Hi All

    I had a PM conversation with Toni a week or so ago which indicated that one day he would love to visit with all of us here in North America.

    Not sure any of you have ever seen the dancing Matt video here is a link

    Not after seeing this thread Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Larrys post on Toni.jpg 
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    I began to this a clue as to where Toni is right now.

    Have your guess as to where?

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    So is he stopping in to see the Michi Gander or the Michi Goose????I'm guessing both!!!
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    he has talked to both of US in the past.
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    I swear you guys are stalkers.
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