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Thread: Retirement pastime

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    Retirement pastime

    Looking for plans to make end grain cutting boards and ran across this web site.
    I am new to this area so please be gentle. I have been making end grain boards and also cheese boards with wire cutter and in looking at what has gone on it isn't any plan but what you like. When I figure it out I will show pictures of what I have so far in my saw dust pit called a work shop.
    The best
    David Johnson

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    Welcome David.

    Don't worry, we are gentle; for about five seconds.
    Great project, cutting boards, and the end-grain really holds up. Take a look around and ask as many questions as your retired fingertips can type.

    Do take a moment to add your location to your profile (found under "User CP")

    And before anyone else says it, please post pictures of your work.


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    Welcome to the family David!

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    David, Welcome to the Family.
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    Welcome to the Family and (somewhat) neighborhood. I'm from Mountain Home, Arkie. Got several others from closer to you in MO.

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    Welcome to the Family, David. You'll find lots and lots of pictures of some really nice cutting boards here. They seem to be all the rage lately. I've never made one, but I think that's going onto my list to try.
    Nancy Laird
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    Woodworker, turner, laser engraver; RETIRED!!

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    welcome david,, to bad your retired, that meanes you wont have enough time to get what you used to be able to get done on agiven day..time seems to go faster in retirment
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    Welcome to the Family David

    Cutting boards are neat projects, and almost always very appreciated when given as gifts!
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    Welcome aboard. Fear not, we are pretty civilized . . . no wait, that's not it . . . We're courteous . . . no that's not right either. Oh well, welcome on in anyway ;-)
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    Welcome to the Family! You have found good people with good info. I think you will like it here.


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