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Thread: Another Day = shop time

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    Another Day = shop time

    Work has been slow so i had another day off and decided to make a new sawbuck for cutting logs (see below) better than what i had and cost me nothing as i used scrap lumber, hot glue and drywall screws.

    Then had some small bowls and didnt know what to do with them so i attached them to the tops of some decayed limbs and laquered them up....just playing around.....ended up selling one to my neighbor for $25.00.
    Well it wont pay the bills but it gives me tool/supplies money i guess....

    Last i was turning a large bowl pictured below and ran out of time to finish sanding it so i put about 6-7 coats of Old English Red Oil on it and will let it sit until tomm.......i have sanded it to 320 and i think ill wet sand it with Danish oil and let it dry.....then just buff it....or maybe wax and butt....not sure yet...............any thoughts about finishing let me know ???? im always game on trying new finishes.............
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    Sawbuck looks good and it will do the job. It makes it so much easier to saw. Bowl looks good. I have never heard of the finish you used. As far as sanding on utility items I rarely if ever go over 320 grit. On show items I will go to 600 grit. For myself I use only two finishes on any bowl. Minwax Antique oil and General Finishes Seal-A-Cell then Arm-R-Seal. I use these on utility and show pieces.
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    Looking good, Dan. If your sawbuck is like mine, it'll get a bit chewed up, but they're worth their weight in gold. Congrats on the sale, too.
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    Thanks everybody

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    Lookin' good.
    I have plenty of scrap wood around, should make a sawbuck like yours. Will do come thaw time.

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