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Thread: OK I have a Good One....Wax Story

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    OK I have a Good One....Wax Story

    Ok get this one..........sitting at home tonight and my son was cleaning out his room........comes out to the desk where i was working and asks me if im still turning wood bowls and trying to wax them with the buffer i got from the garage sale (dental lathe with buffing pads on them)..........I answered yes i am...but thinking to myself "wonder why he is asking me that"............he hads me a newly wrapped round bar of wax and tells me its the best wax you can buy Period........ok.... so i pick it up and it says "Mr.Zoggs Sex Wax"........He then tells me its the best you can buy on the market to wax your it must be good for bowls to.
    Well i could read into that statement but he meant surf board and im not so sure it is a wax for bowls but what the heck i suppose it wont hurt to see how it works............and its the thought that counts i guess.......LOL

    So anyone want to throw in their 2 cents on how it will work ??? LOL
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    I use it all the time, but what is this about woodturning and wood bowls?

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    I think the best part of this story is communications between a father and son!

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    How'd you get him to clean his room?
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    Yes how did you get him to clean his room???? Inquiring minds want to know.
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    What a great story, this will be one of those you remember for a long, long time! Sex wax, boards, bowls, obviously you haven't been turning for a while or he doesn't have to go by the lathe to get to the car. Either way, a good story but waiting for the one when your wife sees you sexwax bar in the shop and gives you the Bernie's wife look (over the glasses) as she says, "uhhhh mister, would you mind explaining this?!!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Bartley View Post
    Here's the website :

    A bit of google searching turned up some discussions on which wax works better for particular applications, and one of the discussions said that "board wax" leaves bumps?? on the board. I'm guessing that this is for breaking surface tension so that the board doesn't stick to the water? I guess all you can do is try it.


    I don't surf, but I know a little about it; its for creating traction for your feet! It keeps you from slipping off the board, at least that's what I've been told. I thought it was for making it slick, but I asked a ski buf about it, and he said it is NOT the same as what skiers put on their skis to decrease friction.

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