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Thread: Shop Tour (Jan'09)

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    Shop Tour (Jan'09)

    Quite a bit has changed in my shop since I first posted a shop tour. I figured that it was about time that I put out an updated tour.

    My shop or "The Wood Shoppe" as I like to refer to it, is located in my basement. It is about 25 feet by 12 feet, and 7 1/2 feet high.

    Picture 1 is the center of the shop, with the table saw with router table in the extension wing. Jointer on the back wall of the shop.

    Picture 2 is part of the back wall of the shop. The miter saw is on the stand connected to the vac underneath it. The door behind it, is a door to stairs up to the back yard (had a Bilco Door). This is very handy for getting big pieces of wood/big tools into the shop.

    Picture 3 is my work bench...but I find i do most work at the assembly table. There is a fire extinguisher mounted to the bench and a first aid kit hanging from the joist above the bench on the right side.

    Picture 4 is my assembly table. The 12in drill press resides here along with my Leigh super 24 dove tail jig, a P-C 690 router, and My DeWalt random orbit sander. Hanging above the assembly table is my shop built ambient air cleaner.

    Picture 5 is another angle of the assembly table. You can see the my "Super Sled" cross cut sled under the assembly table.

    Picture 6 is part of the assembly table & work bench, just to give perspective. It was table from behind the table saw in the center of the shop.

    Picture 7 is the table saw from a different angle, you can see the router table build in to the cast iron extension of the table saw.

    Picture 8 is the storage shelves in the corner. Here you can find various tools in their cases, sand paper for every sander in the shop, fasteners of all sorts, finishing supplies and much more.....

    Picture 9 is my Craftsman Pro 14in Bandsaw. It sits right next to the assembly table.

    Picture 10 is my 13in Delta planer and Delta belt-disc sander. The sander usually gets used on the assembly table or on the work-mate.

    More pictures in the next post.....
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 1.2009.shop01.jpg   1.2009.shop02.jpg   1.2009.shop03.jpg   1.2009.shop04.jpg   1.2009.shop05.jpg  

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    We create with our hands in wood what our mind sees in thought.
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    Shop Tour (Jan'09) - Part2

    Here are the rest of the pictures...

    Picture 11 is my DC set up. It is a 1.5 hp Steel City DC. The planer and jointer are connected to a separator that I built (metal garbage can with plywood lid).

    Picture 12 is the bench top tool storage. The Ridgid sander can be mounted on the miter saw stand. Next to the sander is my Steel City bench morticer. On the second shelf is my 8in Delta bench grinder, Jet mini lathe, turning tools, sharpening tools, & a tenoning jig. In front of the bottom shelf is the work-mate. My shop made down draft table is behind the work-mate. 2 jigs are sitting on/infront of the work-mate.
    -The Lathe, grinder & morticer get moved to the assembly table when in use.

    Picture 13 is my wood storage cart. It is next to the bench top tool storage.

    Picture 14 is a shot of the wood storage cart before it was loaded up and moved into place. It holds plywood on the outside and pieces of hard wood in the bins.

    Picture 15 my shop made down draft table. It is a box that sits on top of the work-mate. There is a 4in DC hose that connects from below.

    Picture 16 is my Ridgid jointer. I put it on a HTC mobile base. It is connected to the separator then the DC.

    Picture 17 is the oscillating spindle sander mounted on the miter saw stand.

    Picture 18 is my current Bessey clamp storage. It is located behind the miter saw stand.

    Picture 19 is the additional clamp storage, hanging next to the assembly table.

    I hope you enjoyed the tour!
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    1.2009.shop17.jpg   1.2009.shop20.jpg   1.2009.shop18.jpg   1.2009.shop19.jpg  
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    We create with our hands in wood what our mind sees in thought.
    Disclosure: Formerly was a part-time sales person & instructor at WoodCraft in Buffalo, NY.

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    Shop Tour (Jan'09)

    I think I gotta go shopping again. Looks like Sean has more clamps that I do.

    At least he has a shop. I'm envious.

    Nice Place Sean. If I was back home, I'd come see you.

    Aloha, Tony
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    Great tour Sean. I'm a bit overdue myself, thanks for the push. You've really done great job with your space and it looks like you could really enjoy your time there. It looks like your CMS / sander stand comes in handy and the additions to your TS are looking good as well.
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    Nice tour Sean. I have a basement shop also with just about the same dimensions. I find it hard to set up properly, you sure seem to have made good usage of the space.


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    Nice shop Sean, You have a lot of nice tools and seems well organized I would imagine it can't get interesting working with large sheet good with a 90" ceiling Last shop in Oregon had 8' and I took out a couple of tubes over a period of time

    What goes around, comes around.

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    Thanks for the tour Sean! Lots of good looking stuff in there. I'm working on mine too..
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    That's sacrilegious putting your lathe on a shelving unit. your a mean man.

    Nice shop I like it.

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    Nice tour, Sean. Good use of the available space. Think you could get someone to move the white appliance out of the one corner so you could get a few more square feet?
    Roger from Missouri

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    I haven't been here in a while but would like to say you have a fine looking and well equipped shop

    And I see you also work at WoodCraft..............dang that must be nice. It takes me an hour to get to my closest WoodCraft.

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